Netflix hack lets you feel the action on your smartphone

Netflix conducts an employee hackathon every year, bringing some rather cool hacks to the table. The company has just concluded its 2019 event, and the standout hack might be the so-called Project Rumble Pak.

As the name suggests, the hack brings vibration to your smartphone when watching Netflix. The employees behind the hack used an episode of Voltron to demonstrate the feature in action, along with a Samsung device. Furthermore, the employees also enlisted the help of haptic feedback company Immersion Corporation to bring the feature to life.

“The Project Rumble Pak hack day project explores how haptics can enhance the content you’re watching. With every explosion, sword clank, and laser blast, you get force feedback to amp up the excitement,” read an excerpt of the company blog post.

There’s no guarantee that it’ll actually come to Netflix (it’s only a hack right now), but it still seems like a rather fun feature for those watching content on their phones. Even if it comes to the service, it’s probably more suitable for action-focused content rather than dramas and the like.

This wasn’t the only hack completed during the hackathon, as we also got the Voice of Netflix. This AI is trained to spot words in Netflix content, then assembling them into sentences of your choosing. You can check out all the hacks from the 2019 hackathon over here.

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